NEW JOB LISTING: Manager, Hydroponic Plant Care & Growing – Tehachapi, CA

Posted by Steven

January 6, 2019

SunSelect Produce (California) Inc. is seeking a Manager, Hydroponic Plant Care and Growing for its Tehachapi, California location.

Job Duties:  Manage all functions involving variety selection, planting, yield, and production management of the greenhouse bell pepper crops.  Monitor crops to determine pruning routines and picking schedules.  Monitor light levels and inside/outside temperatures and humidity, determine appropriate irrigation, fertilizers, and pest/disease applications for all bell pepper crops. Experiment with alternative growing techniques in an effort to increase productive yield.  Monitor water quality and chemical composition of water in growing media. Manage plant quality during crop season controlling size and quality to meet customer requirements.  Leverage expertise in plant breeding to make decisions about variety selection and space utilization and planting/replanting schedule. Work with crop labor to maximize labor productivity and efficiencies.  Prepare regular crop forecasts for pack-house and sales teams. Minimize horticulture waste and dumped plants.  Provide job specific training to crop labor performing new activities.

Education Requirement: Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Plant Sciences, Biochemical Engineering or a related field.

Experience Requirements: One (1) year of agricultural experience in high technology greenhouses, which includes one (1) year of experience with greenhouse climate management and pest and disease management.

Please send résumé to:

SunSelect Produce (California) Inc.
Edith Gubiotti, VP HR & Administration
20570 Pellisier Rd
Tehachapi, CA 93561