AUDIO: Local company creating fertilizer using carbon capture

Posted by SunSelect

April 20, 2012

Vancouver/CKNW (AM980) – It is a made-in-BC first, as a local company has created a way for greenhouse fertilizer to be created using carbon capture technology.

Co-founder Victor Krahn says they burn wood used to heat greenhouses, and then funnel gases from sequestered carbon through water-based solvent.

“So then the gas continues to the atmosphere without any CO2 in it at all so it is a completely clean form of emission and then that solvent now we can boil off again and use the CO2 in the greenhouse.”

He says the CO2 then becomes fertilizer that is 100% food safe and used to grow fruits and vegetables.

The process is cost effective and CO2 fertilizer is already in demand in the greenhouse industry.

BC’s Jobs Minister is hailing the new carbon capture technology for greenhouses and says it may mean new jobs for the province.

Pat Bell says he expects the technology to be commercialized and he hopes the production stays local.

“This is absolutely leading edge technology it is the first one in the world where carbon dioxide is removed from wood waste wood heat and it is used to fertilize the vegetables in the greenhouse. World leading right here in British Columbia.”

He says units could sell around the world.

Bell says the province chipped in about half the cost, just over two million dollars, through the innovative clean energy fund.