Our Facilities

growing “green” produce – creating a better future.

SunSelect has invested millions of dollars in the construction of state-of-the-art, environmentally sound biomass energy systems. Our advanced technology is combined with natural methods to reduce the carbon footprint of growing vegetables, and to help create a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Our Delta facility is currently the only facility in the world to utilize the GC6 Green Carbon Capture System. The revolutionary GC6 is setting the standard for sustainable agriculture by decreasing the fossil fuel consumption associated with growing food indoors, and in colder climates. Instead, the GC6 safely utilizes renewable biomass fuels such as waste wood and other non-marketable waste products.

Our Aldergrove facility utilizes specialty energy systems to create heat from recycled wood waste that we get from a local saw mill, which heats the greenhouses with only a fractional amount of carbon dioxide emission – equal to that which would have been released when the plants decomposed naturally. In an effort to further reduce our energy consumption, we also introduced energy curtains that hold the warmth in at night.

Our growing methods drastically reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, creating a better planet for generations to come.