Green Carbon Capture

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What is Carbon Capture?

In a greenhouse, the supply of safe and clean carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for photosynthesis. While CO2 is a natural gas that allows sunlight to reach the earth, it also prevents some of the sun’s heat from radiating back into space, thus warming the planet. This phenomenon is referred to as the greenhouse effect.

Often touted as a solution to climate change, carbon capture is a means of mitigating the harmful CO2 emissions that heavily contribute to global warming.The carbon capture process is based on isolating and capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) at its emission source, then sequestering and storing it in such a way that it does not enter the atmosphere. Current storage methods in use are somewhat controversial, and involve burying the CO2 in the oceans and deep under the Earth’s crust.

What is Green Carbon Capture?

SunSelect’s Delta facility successfully utilizes the revolutionary GC6 Green Carbon Capture System. Instead of burying the harmful emissions that contribute to climate change, the GC6 allows carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere to be utilized by greenhouse grown vegetable crops; negative emissions are filtered from the carbon dioxide, and pure CO2 is delivered directly to growing vegetables in the greenhouse.

What does this mean for the Environment?

GC6 Green Carbon Capture technology reduces the carbon footprint of SunSelect’s operation by drastically reducing carbon emissions, significantly lowering energy and chemical usage, and greatly diminishing our reliance on unsustainable fossil fuels.