Food Safety

safe and healthy – produce for your family, and ours.

 Certified Greenhouses

Food safety is a top priority at SunSelect. Our greenhouses are “Certified Greenhouses”, meaning our tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers are grown indoors according to strict government standards that include food safety, controlled hydroponics production and sustainable indoor growing practices.

Our greenhouses and packing operations are fully certified by Primus Labs, a recognized specialist in food safety. Primus Labs monitors our adherence to food safety guidelines and mandatory government regulations, ensuring that you are eating the safest, highest-quality vegetables on the market.

The Primus Labs audit guarantees that our greenhouse and packing staff are fully trained to handle our vegetables in a food-safe manner, and that all staff are monitored in every aspect of food safety, from strict employee training to utilizing the disinfectant foot baths installed throughout the facilities.

Every aspect of our growing process is monitored and controlled, from irrigation and climate control to growing mediums. Our vegetables are protected from pollution, wildlife and other potential contaminants, which creates the safest grown produce possible. We recognize the importance of food safety and security in today’s world and that is why we confidently provide our customers, and our own families, with safe, delicious produce.


We use non-genetically modified seeds

All SunSelect produce is grown from non-GMO seeds, and all of our produce is grown right here in our own carefully monitored SunSelect greenhouses.


Nature’s very own army: working with nature to prevent and control crop damage

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is very important to SunSelect, and not just because it’s entertaining to see a praying mantis suddenly grab a caterpillar and begin eating it – right in front of our eyes!

IPM Management involves introducing beneficial predatory and parasitic insects directly to the plants under attack by pest insects. If pest insects are ignored in a vegetable crop, they will completely destroy plants. The recent pine beetle devastation of the BC forests is a good example of pest populations going undetected and without natural enemies; the pest population explodes exponentially similar to that of a wild forest fire out of control.

Integrated Pest Management concepts and theories have only been practiced in mainstream agriculture for the past 15-20 years. Older greenhouse practices simply used pesticides to deal with infestations. Today, environmentally conscious greenhouses like SunSelect Produce employ university-educated managers who are dedicated to finding the pest problem areas before they become an issue. SunSelect is proud to employ the industry’s top IPM managers. Our competent team understands the various life cycle interactions of pests and beneficial biologicals, and makes positive environmental decisions based on these dynamic natural relationships.

Harmful pests will always be attracted to  vegetable crops, but working with nature enables SunSelect to balance things out.