Climate Friendly Produce

eliminating our carbon footprint – one step at a time

At SunSelect, we take our responsibility to our customers, our families and the environment seriously. In fact, by curbing our global warming emissions and eliminating our carbon footprint, we were able to introduce the very first certified climate friendly produce into the marketplace!

We have made significant capital investments to reduce our energy use, and to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, on our 70 acres of state-of-the-art greenhouses. Our carbon neutral strategies have allowed us to switch from non-renewable natural gas to renewable biomass to meet our heating needs. This process only releases the same amount of CO2 into the air that would have been released when the plant decomposed naturally . And because the wood waste used in this process is collected from a local sawmill and negates the use of natural gas, the displaced gas consumption constitutes an additional emissions reduction. This allows us to grow safe, delicious and healthy vegetables without causing damage to the environment.

Our peppers – the most carbon neutral peppers in North America – are certified climate friendly by Offsetters, one of Canada’s premier providers of quality offsets. SunSelect balances the carbon dioxide emitted from delivery of products to our customers with the reduction of the carbon footprint in our production methods.

We believe our production methods make local food production more viable, boost the regional economy and reduce the need to import food from far away.