the SunSelect family: our history

SunSelect was started by our parents, Gerhard and Louise Krahn, in 1985. While traveling in Europe, Dad recognized the potential for greenhouse production in British Columbia, and was excited about the sustainable benefits that the operations provided. 

Upon returning to Abbotsford he constructed a 1-acre hydroponic greenhouse (which was considered large at the time) to try his hand at growing bell peppers on what was then our family’s raspberry farm. The endeavor was a success and, close to 25 years later, SunSelect now operates 70 acres of greenhouses in both Aldergrove and Delta – our family farm is now one of the largest greenhouse bell pepper producers in North America!

The business has been a family affair from its inception; from shoveling dirt to delivering shipments in the family truck, all of us have been involved in farming since we were small kids. The farming tradition, experience and hard work ethic has been passed down for generations, and contributes to our commitment to performance and excellence in the greenhouse vegetables that we now produce for families across North America. Although our parents now enjoy retirement and have more time to spend with the grandkids, they still play an active role in the direction of the business.

We credit SunSelect’s success to our parents’ foresight, work ethic and dedication to family and farm.